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Wireless transmission of energy in space

Wearable solution for rehabilitation of neurodegenerative diseases

Water-soluble bioplastic with tunable temperature-dependent performances.

True passwordless security is now real: unbreakable security in everyone’s hands.

Take advantage of the power of AI for a high-quality video experience.

Space Traffic Management and Earth Observation services using and operating proprietary nanosatellites.

Space deployable structures merging origami techniques with flexible electronics and textiles

Smart texture enabling motion and gesture control real time. It would be used as working suites for collaborative robotics operations

Service suite for the offshore wind energy industry.

Robotic platforms enabling a continuum of caring for stroke patients from clinics to home

Portable (flexible, lightweight and low-voltage powered <10V) and large area (30 cm x 30 cm or more) direct radiation detectors.

Novel technology for non-invasive glycemia monitoring, based on a high-sensitivity Radio Frequency (RF) sensor, to retrieve glucose information from alternative corporal fluids, such as sweat, saliva or tears.

ML-guided Directed Evolution,  a novel machine learning method that uses a powerful ad-hoc modelization to obtain extremely accurate predictions for best protein candidate in Drug Discovery.

Microwave imaging (MWI) technology, enhanced by specific machine learning algorithms, to detect contaminants within packaged food/beverage products directly along the industrial production line.

Making a smarter world: everybody can create, transform and manage connected devices and equipments.

Let the sound touch you. Inclusive solution for daily life of deaf people.

Instant expertise everywhere: integrated AR technology solution to enhance field operations in inspection and maintenance

Innovative CFD software for the built environment

Fog computing platform with innovative application-aware orchestration of infrastructure’ resources.

Energy storage system which unifies the advantages of high energy density cells (e.g. LiS) and high power density systems (e.g. supercapacitors) to overcome the existing limitation in energy storage

Embedded systems, reimagined. Advanced digital twin for the electrical drive and the automation industry.