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AI & Cyber

Take advantage of the power of AI for a high-quality video experience.

Fog computing platform with innovative application-aware orchestration of infrastructure’ resources.

Embedded systems, reimagined. Advanced digital twin for the electrical drive and the automation industry.

Making a smarter world: everybody can create, transform and manage connected devices and equipments.

AI and Deep Learning  based Synthetic Data generators to overcome privacy concerns to fully exploit data value.

Drug the undruggable: the new paradigm for Drug Discovery.

True passwordless security is now real: unbreakable security in everyone’s hands.

A smart medical device on hospitals beds for accurate and continuous monitoring of urine output and early diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury through machine learning algorithms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the edge of the IOT: design tools that assist developers during the design flow of systems and applications, providing automated optimization for AI onto battery-powered tiny devices (cost <10$).

ML-guided Directed Evolution,  a novel machine learning method that uses a powerful ad-hoc modelization to obtain extremely accurate predictions for best protein candidate in Drug Discovery.